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Aloha Na Haumana- Hello Students,

Our mission is to perpetuate the Polynesian Culture through song & dance. Also, to maintain a dance studio that encourages learning, sharing, personal growth, laughter and love of the culture.

We at Aloha Hula Dance Studio are looking forward to teaching you. You will be learning basic hand/foot and hip movements and working with you as a group to ensure that you understand the fundamentals in both Hula and Tahitian dance.

$50/month  one class a week

Family Rate*:   Discount applies to immediate family members only and additional members must be 17 and under to qualify.

$50/month for parent or first child 
$45/month for each additional member 

New Students

All New students must take the beginner basics class. This class is for ALL new students, even if you have prior experience. This class is to insure that you have a good grasp of the basics the way we do them at Aloha Hula Dance studio and that you are ready to move into choreography classes. How long you are in the Beginner class all depends on the individual and is at the directors discretion.

Beginner Classes

Please email for more class schedule.

Performing is voluntary not mandatory.

You will be required to purchase costumes.  Costs for costumes vary from year to year.

Some of the events we perform at every year

Aloha Hula Ho'ike (Dance Recital)
Simi Valley Fair
Aloha Beach Festival/Oxnard
Long Beach Tiki Festival
San Dimas Ho'olaule'a
Granada Hills Street Fair
Relay for Life

Other Aloha Hula Events

Aloha Hula end of season Banquet
Aloha Hula Holiday Party
Aloha Hula Picnic
Aloha Hula Group Camping
Aloha Hula Beach Day

Tahitian Dance competitions - California